Thursday, July 7, 2011

thankful thursday : mi madre

Themes can really help spice things up. I get excited when I see great ideas for themed parties. Cupcakes? Shabby Chic? Peacock feathers and colors? Tapas? Milk and Cookies? I LOVE them all! I for one, have a file of themed party ideas just waiting to be used! What fun it will be to have themed out child's birthday, baby shower, graduation, Valentines dinner or special party. Who doesn't love that? Of course, as it is right now, the only themed parties I have thrown have been tea parties for our bulldogs, but a girl can dream:)

I have seen on various blogs where they dedicate certain days of the week to reoccurring themes. "Triple Tangent Tuesday", "What I ate Wednesday", "Wordless Wednesday", "What I am loving Wednesday" (I guess a lot happens on Wednesdays!) "Flashback Friday"... just to name a few. I have also seen "Thankful" either Tuesdays or Thursdays. I really like this idea. What a fun way to keep track of people, places, or things you are thankful for. In the spirit of trying new things and embracing a theme, I wanted to express how I am thankful for my mother.

This past holiday weekend I was asked to bring a pasta salad to a bbq. I love pasta salad. When I was a teenager my mom would always have a pasta or taco salad in the fridge in the summer. During the winter months, it was always a big pot of veggie stew. These treats were always available for a quick and healthy meal. That being said, I have never actually made a pasta salad. With my assignment to provide a tasty pasta salad, I of course, turned to my mom. A few fast and furious text messages later and I had some great ideas to use to incorporate in my own creation that was inspired by my mom's pasta salad expertise. That is one of the best things about my mom, she always helps me by providing her ideas and experiences, but lets me decide on the final product.

I can always count on my mom to listen, provide support and encouragement, tell me she loves me and to spoil me just enough. I am proud to say, even as an adult, I still receive a thoughtful and sweet Easter basket. My mother is an amazing cook, very creative, loves animals, and takes great care of anyone who comes her way who needs help. My mom is great at making those around her feel special and loved. I am so very thankful to have a great mom :)

***I just realized I am in serious short supply of photos of my mom on my computer! She is very elusive when it comes to photos, that and I need a better photo organization system! We must remedy that soon with a lot of fun photos to update this post with***

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