Saturday, December 10, 2011

sneak peek, scenes from our satuday

As my last post may have suggested, I now know and treasure having a "real" weekend. I don't have to be at work on any day starting with "S" and I know now the joy of fighting the crowds each weekend while scouring Target for treasures. Truly, I love having weekends off with my husband and enjoy how much freedom it has given us as well as time together.

We have fallen into a bit of a weekend routine. We both lie in bed for a bit while waking up and browse our phones. Blogs for me, sports pages and YouTube for him. Inevitably, the bulldogs (the girls) will start begging and pleading their case that they belong in the bed and really, it is the only way to truly celebrate the first morning of the weekend. We do not let the girls sleep in the bed (anymore). They are both fat meatballs that radiate heat, fart, and snore. They adore time in the bed and will only ask in the morning. Well, ask is a bit mild, they are starting to demand. We welcome them in the bed for a little while and snuggle with them while getting our day started.

If you had a sneak peek into our Saturday morning, it would look something like this. Just consider yourself lucky this picture is soundless and odor free.
Saturday Morning Scene