Thursday, July 28, 2011

it takes two

The other night after a delicious dinner at home the Mr. and I started in on two very cumbersome household tasks. The first, to change out a broken toilet seat (don’t ask) and the second programming a super old universal remote we recently found in storage and wanted to put to good use. We each set out on our individual tasks. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr….. I hate this thing………..what the heck?!?!?! We each were having an increasingly difficult time with what we wanted to accomplish. Was this toilet seat bolted on with super duper glue?!?! Why oh why would the stupid red program light on the remote not flash as it was supposed to?!?!?!

Halfway through, as we were both getting more and more frustrated, the Mr. suggested we switch tasks. We passed each other in the hall as we took our new positions with a smirky smile… good luck buddy, it is not so easy. A few minutes passed. No grunts, cries, swearing or frustrations this time around. Wouldn’t you know it… we quickly had a reprogrammed universal remote and replaced toilet seat! Success! What it really took was a fresh set of eyes, our own individual strengths when it comes to problem solving, and a little teamwork.

The great thing about a partnership I have learned over the years is you always have someone to help you out with the little things you just can’t quite figure out. Being open to someone else’s problem solving method will often times help you greatly. I bet you won’t guess who figured out which problem, but it may be the opposite of what you may think ;)

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  1. I love team work with my husband. We like splitting up chores as well to get them done faster.

    We also have a semi broke toilet seat that need replacing. We've been putting it off for months now!