Monday, September 19, 2011

happy birthdy mookie!

Did you know today is pretty special? It is national talk like a pirate day! Aaaaarrrggghh matey, shiver me timbers! Not only that, but it is also my stepmom's birthday whom we affectionately call Mookie.

Mookie is the very best "other-mother" a girl could ask for. My two sisters and I are so very lucky to have her in our lives. She is creative, hard working, and one of the most generous people I have ever met. She is all at once a big sister I never had, a great friend who always listens and gives sound advice, and a mother who is always there with unconditional love. We really lucked out when she joined our family. She and my Dad are a great pair and bring out a side of each other that is very special. Mookie introduced our family to some new traditions regarding eating dinner and a fun pickle game around Christmas.... yum, pickles :)

Wishing you a very happy birthday and hope you have great year! Love you lots and lots.

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