Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blogging...a Do or a Don't??

Have you ever read Glamour magazine? In the back of the gorgeous glossy there is always a section called "Do's and Dont's". In this section they will show unsuspecting women who are trying to embrace the latest fashions... either successfully or failing miserably. Those who look good are labeled a "do", and you can often see their smiling face. Those unlucky enough to be a "don't" typically have a big black bar across their faces to save them some embarrassment. In my life, typically I have had a pretty easy time figure out what is a "do" and what is a "don't". For me, an ill fitting shirt made of a non-breathable material that has some suggestive text scrawled across it ... well that is an obvious DON'T. A classic, tailored, crisp white button down shirt... ding ding ding, my dear that is a DO. I am sure I have made plenty of questionable choices over the years, but dear me... I sure hope I have never been one of the women in the back pages of Glamour with a black bar across my eyes! If I have ever been so unfortunate, please do not tell me.... pretty pretty please. The thing is, in life, beyond fashion choices, it can be difficult to tell what is a DO and what is a DON'T.

Over the course of the past few years, blogs have taken over my life. I have slowly but surely become dependent on reading blogs on the daily for ideas, inspiration, media, excitement, etc. My Google Reader is full of blogs to read. First, it started off with financial/money/coupon blogs. I was looking for the best way to save our family money, however possible. Buying a year supply of toothpaste for $5, sure! Count me in! Soon, wedding blogs starting taking up my time as I was planning my dream wedding in October 2010. I oogle and drooled over color schemes, wedding dresses, flowers, center pieces and desserts. In the same vein of wedding planning came the fitness/weight loss blogs. I dutifully would check these blogs hourly to show me ways to fit into my wedding dress looking my best. My growing love for photography, recipes, crafts and other adventures lead to more and more blogs. I have read a whole lot of blogs! What interests me most in the blogs I have read is the ideas and creativity shared, as well as the sense of community. What an interesting idea for total strangers to become friends (in a totally non creepy way... I hope). I truly appreciate all of the women (and some men) who on the daily show me how to eat healthy, shop on a budget, diy a headboard, make delicious recipes, and manage my life. All of this blog reading has lead to quite a bit of superficial reflection with some big questions I have asked myself over the past few years such.... could I? would I? should I...start a blog?

So.... is blogging a DO or a DON'T??? What if I start a blog and people read it and think I am a total narcissist? What if someone I don't want contact with finds it and reads all about my life? What if I am really not all that interesting? Ultimately I have decided (obviously) to start a blog. If no one ever reads it besides my husband and my two bulldogs, that will be just fine. I embrace the idea to use this venue as a time capsule for this phase in my life. I hope it will offer a medium for me to embrace different ideas, try and be creative, express myself and at the very least provide me the reminder to slow down and truly enjoy each moment. I hope to be able to look back on this blog, remember this time of my life and smile.


  1. It's a DO!....if done the right way- IMO the "right" way to blog is to be yourself, be honest, but don't say something that could come back and bite you in the ass. lol. My rule is that I don't talk about my job and fellow employees EVER and only rarely talk about my issues with friends/family. That's just me. Everyone is different.

    So glad I found your blog.
    Narcissist you are NOT :)

  2. Thanks Jenny! Great advice. DO blogging for you, and use your own voice! I totally agree with being cautious of content. If done correctly, I think this could be a super fun hobby. Can't wait to see what is to come on your pretty blog:)